F. A. Q.


Why choose membership-based travel?

Membership-based travel enables the sharing of a private jet at an incredible level of individual economy. Neptune Jet offers safe, reliable, and consistent service for a select number of passengers. We know that members want the benefits of private jet travel without the exorbitant cost. Neptune Jet strikes the right balance by limiting available memberships, and limiting the number of passengers on flights. This cannot be achieved by any conventional ticketed method, empty leg purchase, or through any web-based jet sharing brokerage program.

What happens if I am late for my flight?

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your flight departs. For the benefit of all our members we strive to depart at the scheduled time every business day. If a member will be arriving late we will hold the aircraft up to 10 minutes beyond scheduled departure. Our flight department will also communicate with each member 90 minutes before departure to make they are on-time and punctual for that given flight.

If I miss my flight do I use up a flight privilege?

No. We will not count a missed flight as a debit. We simply ask that you please be
mindful of arriving on-time, or notify Neptune Jet in advance that you are unable to make a flight.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, if you provide 30 days written notice you are free to cancel at any time and receive a credit for any unused flights.

Can I purchase additional flights if I am traveling more frequently than expected?

Yes, provided additional flights are available.

Why does my jet have propellers?

Neptune Jet chose the Piaggio Avanti jet-prop aircraft because it operates at near jet aircraft speed, yet at a fraction of jet aircraft cost. Our aircraft have two jet engines that efficiently drive propellers. Jet aircraft use the same engines that less-efficiently drive fans.

Can I bring my pet?

In respect of other members we do not allow pets at this time.

How safe are your aircraft and crew?

The Piaggio P-180 aircraft has one of the best aviation safety records in private and commercial air transport. In fact, the safety record of this aircraft far exceeds every other jet prop aircraft model, and exceeds 99 % of any other private jet model or brand. It has a futuristic, patented 3 wing lifting configuration that makes it extremely safe and stable in all weather conditions, and has been a proven aeronautical safety success for almost 25 years. All aircraft are 4 years old or less, and are professionally maintained, managed and flown by an FAA approved ARGUS GOLD/WYVERN WINGMAN flight provider.

How many aircraft do you have?

Currently we are operating 2 designated aircraft for our service. There are plans to deploy more aircraft as membership grows.

How many pilots on board the aircraft?

We always fly with a crew of two. There is always an experienced captain and first officer at the controls. Though the Piaggio Avanti is certified for singe pilot operation, Neptune Jet will only fly with two pilots.

Do you have a flight attendant on-board?

There is no flight attendant at this time so food, snacks and beverages will be
simple, elegant and self-served.

How reliable is your schedule and how safe is your service?

Neptune Jet has aircraft strictly dedicated for this schedule. As a result, you will
not have to wait in the terminal for your plane to arrive. Our aircraft wait for you, but we also may have to wait when the weather is uncooperative. Neptune Jet flies under very safe FAA Part 135 flight rules, which means that delays can occur if the weather does not permit safe takeoff or flight. These decisions are for the safety of our members and crew, and any delays will often coincide with similar airline delays at neighboring major airports. We are just as careful in our decision to fly as the airlines because flight safety is never compromised.

Who else will be flying on my flight?

There will be a flight crew of two and 2-4 other members on any given flight. Members should know that this level of exclusivity is currently unmatched in this market. Neptune Jet members will be like-minded in their desire for civilized, expedient, and luxurious travel between Chicago and New York.



•  Become a member for $30,000 and travel round-trip between Chicago and New York 6 times a year. That’s 12 segments. There is never any membership fee or any other additional charges. Need to travel more? Purchase several memberships.

•  Members can also share their memberships so that colleagues, family, and friends can fly in their place. There is no additional cost for this privilege.

•  Memberships are limited. Neptune Jet will not fill every seat because you need more space to relax and move about the cabin. Available seating is abundant, and so is the cabin size. Neptune Jet also knows that you need to get to your destination quickly and comfortably, every time.

•  Neptune Jet members fly aboard the state of the art mid-size cabin Piaggio Avanti jet-prop aircraft. With 6 executive leather seats, pull-out writing tables, Wi-Fi, and a full size aft lavatory, our planes are some of the most luxurious light aircraft in the skies. The Piaggio is also the fastest jet-prop in the world, cruising at over 460 MPH. Neptune Jet departs every business morning from Chicago Executive Airport and arrives at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey. The trip is just 2 hours. All flights return from Teterboro back to Chicago Executive every business evening. Come back the same day, or any other business day.

•  Members arrive 15 minutes before take-off and board our plane just steps from their parked car or limo. No lines, no crowds, no TSA, no tickets, no hassles. Our planes are always waiting for you, and are never late.

•  Enjoy complimentary food and snacks, including hot and cold beverages aboard each flight. Deplane minutes after arriving at your destination, and have your luggage handed to you. Then walk a few steps to your waiting cab or limo.

•  Neptune Jet members will be greeted and cared for by our airport concierge personnel. We’ll know you and your guests by name and will gladly pre-arrange for all ground transportation to and from your flight.



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